Listing your home this spring? Read this first

Spring is slowly springing here in my small corner in Alabama and as we enter this season I thought I’d share a couple helpful tips for people who are getting ready to make a move.

Real estate agents are a very valuable tool when it comes to selling a home. Not only do they know the market but they also know fine details about what could make your home more appealing to sell faster. Always consult with an agent whom you can trust  and feel like you can build a relationship with. It’s much harder to work with someone who you yourself is not comfortable with. 

Let’s start on the outside and work our way in:

  1. Yard/Gardening – A freshly cut lawn and fresh landscaping goes a long way in the eyes of potential buyers. The outside of your home is the first thing buyers see when they pull up to your house for a showing. Proper landscaping and yard maintenance shows a buyer that “this house has been taken care of “. I know personally when I look at a home it always gives me a sense of comfort to see that the previous owner has taken the time to make sure their yard was clean.
  2. Exterior of home – Along the same lines as the yard, making sure the outside of your home is clean is very important. Removing cobwebs and pressure washing areas that have “greened” over the winner goes a long way. ****LENDER NOTE**** If your home has wooden windows, make sure any chipped paint has been properly scraped and repainted. This is a big one, it may not sound like a big deal but this is often flagged as a lender required repair on appraisal reports. Also, monitor for any cracked glass, even if you have double pane windows, my recommendation would be to go ahead and replace affected areas.
  3. Interior– This is going to step on toes but it’s the honest truth…Make sure your house is CLEAN. Not “our best friends are coming over” clean. I mean, “Jesus is coming back” clean. As cute as your dogs are, potential buyers don’t want to see their messes or their cute little balls of hair wadded up in a corner. And I know, your children have some really awesome toys, and lots of them….but they don’t want to see that either. They’re coming into your home to see the house. They will have to make it their “home” on their own. Also, make sure all your light bulbs are working. Nothing strikes fear in a potential buyer like things that don’t work. It may just be a $1 light bulb to you but to them it’s “does this house have a wiring issue?”. 
  4. Smells – Every house that’s lived in has its own smell. I’ll just leave it at that….When prepping your home for market this spring, let it air out a little. We’ve been closed up all winter long trying to stay warm, it’ll be nice to let some fresh air flow through the home. If you like diffusing essential oils or burning candles I’d recommend light, fresh, clean scents. Nothing overwhelming, just a subtle hint of freshness.

You’ve done all this…now what? Call your agent, ask their input on any further recommendations and book that listing appointment. Also, be sure to ask your agent their thoughts on having professional photos done for the listing. I personally think it’s a great tool for marketing your home. Does it cost money? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. If you want to put your home in the best position to sell, I think utilizing all cost-effective tools is a must. I am not a real estate agent myself but what I’ve learned from my wife and other agents I’ve worked alongside, these are all ways to help improve the likelihood of selling your home.

Happy Listing, Happy Selling!


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