Working with spouse, a progress report

A few short months ago Chelsea and I started letting people know that she would be coming to work for me and going inactive as a Real Estate agent. Immediately we were bludgeoned by questions such as “are you sure about that?”, “is that a good idea?”, “do you think you’ll be able to work without killing each other?” We didn’t really have an answer so we just kind of shrugged it all off and said “we’ll see”. We’re approaching the 2 month mark and so far we’re both still alive and neither of us have hired an attorney (that I know of….). In all seriousness though, everything is great.

Neither of us had any concerns about being with each other 24/7 because quite frankly, we love being together….which is why we got married. I’ve always felt bad for married couples who can only tolerate each other in small doses…what was the point of marrying each other? Anyways, our concerns were more along the lines of figuring what works best for us in terms of who handles what tasks,  how to manage the household with both of us working outside of the house 5 days a week, etc. There has been some adjustments for both of us as I like things in the office done particular ways, just as she has a particular way of doing things at home. I’m not the best teacher in the world so learning how to delegate tasks and walk someone through the loan process has come with some….let’s call them, “informative discussions”.

I’ve always felt like Chelsea and I have done a good job of communicating with each other prior to working together. Now that we are working together I am learning even more about her and how to communicate with each other. Specifically, I’ve learned not to say things like “you just need to let me worry about the customer” in a condescending tone…or “hey, we need to go it’s 7:53 am“. Also, and this is just us talking here……don’t ask her if she’s just my “Personal Assistant”, you will quickly learn she is not….despite my every effort to make that her job title and inflate my ego ( LOL).

All in all we really do love all the time we are getting to spend together. It is truly enriching our marriage, even with the unexpected learning experiences and “informative discussions” along the way. She jokes a lot saying “you’re lucky you have me because no other employee would but up with you” and to be quite honest….she’s probably right. So yeah, I am lucky to have her.

Everyone have a great weekend

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