Don’t fall for the Tide Pod

Tide PodsApplying for a mortgage loan can be intimidating. We all know that feeling of getting bombarded with information and feeling the pressure to give in to offers that look and sound almost “too good to be true”.  Most of the time that truly is the case…

Lender’s are required to disclose certain information when they advertise loan opportunities for their company. You’ve probably heard the commercial “30 year fixed rates low as X%!!!!” followed by the last five seconds of the ad “equal housing lender , nsalnfdvasdvnbspudifbnsdjbfnspuibaejnlsjbfguyevbkeasjvyuvo”. All you heard was “Rates low as X%”, which is what they’re selling. Then you go to apply and find out that “yes…we do offer those rates…BUT….”. And we all know how that story ends… It’s kinda like eating a Tide Pod, sure it looks good but then you bite into it and quickly find out that’s not what you were looking for…..then, it’s too late.

I say all that to say this:

When shopping for a home loan, ask for estimates. Ask the lender to explain the rate, term, closing cost, etc. If the lender wont take the time to make you feel comfortable and understand what they are offering you, find you a lender who will. They’re out there, I promise! I am one of them. My goal is for every client of mine to have a smooth transaction with total transparency about all facets of their loan and the process it takes to get to the closing table.


The takeaway: Don’t fall for these “Tide Pod Offers”. Do your homework. Most importantly….find a lender you can trust. Also, don’t eat Tide Pods


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