A little about me

Well, first off…who is “me”? I am Justin Dorroh (guy in the Falcons hat). I grew up in Killen, Al just outside of Florence. I attended Brooks High School and the University of North Alabama. In 2012 I graduated UNA with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics.


While I was finishing up my degree and working for Bank Independent part time, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a Loan Officer.  I set myself a goal to achieve that position on or before my 25th birthday.  Upon graduating, I received my first full time job in a department called Risk Management. My next position within the bank was to another department called Credit Administration. I spent just over a year in Credit Admin doing financial analysis and I got the call from another local bank to become a loan officer.

The bank that hired me as a lender is Farmers and Merchants Bank. I had met the VP of the bank while in college and when the time was right, things worked out perfectly. During my time at the bank  my wife, Chelsea, began her career as a Real Estate Agent. The office she began her career at rents office space to Shelton Financial Group, Inc.  One day the owner of the company expressed the need for another lender and my sweet loving wife was there to give me a name drop. About 2 months later, on July 1st 2015 I began my career as a Mortgage Loan Originator for Shelton Financial Group, Inc where I worked for 3 years. I am now a Loan Officer for Assurance Financial in Florence, AL.


I mentioned my sweet wife, Chelsea, before but that’s a story for another blog. Her and I have been married since October 6th, 2012. All of our children lack opposable  thumbs, have four legs, and shed like crazy…..(they’re dogs). Their names are Magnum, Jack, Molly, and Abbigail. You will hear more about their antics and adventures in the future. I am what my wife would call a “hobby enthusiast”. I golf, hunt, fish, play music, fantasy football, etc. None of which I am ok with being an amateur. She says I’m “obsessive” that way. My competitive drive is way higher than your average person and losing makes me physically sick. What’s wrong with that?

I have a close network of friends, many of whom I’ve known since we were all in elementary school. That’s a pretty rare thing that I’m very proud of and consider myself lucky to have.

Why the blog?

My preacher Phillip Skipworth and his wife Sonya actually mentioned the idea to Chelsea and I because we have been renovating a house. The next weekend I attended my annual continuing education course for my originators license and another broker mentioned using the platform for his business. The more I thought about it and the more the idea continued to surface, it almost felt like I had to do it!

What can we expect from the blog?

My intentions for this blog is to provide useful information and advice as it pertains to mortgages and money. When I got into banking I told myself “I want to be the person that people call when they need help with their money.” Am I Dave Ramsey or Warren Buffett? Not even close. What I am, is a friend and someone people can trust and know that I really want to see them succeed and achieve their goals. Whether its buying a home, paying off debt, or trying to save up for a rainy day….I want everyone who knows me to know that “I can trust Justin to shoot me straight and give me the best advice he can to help”.

On a personal level, I want to use this platform to share a little bit about our marriage and relationships in general. Why? Because I’m tired of hearing about divorce. I am blessed to be married to Chelsea and we have a wonderful marriage. Not that we don’t hit the occasional speed bump, and Lord knows we’re far from perfect….but when I look at how God has blessed our marriage, it’d be a shame not to share that with others so that people can see that marriage IS a blessing, not a burden. Also, from what I’ve been told…Chelsea and I have some pretty good banter that makes for a decent “LOL”.

All in all, this is a place where I hope that people will find useful information, encouragement, and a little humor here and there. Most importantly I hope that this will help me connect with people on a more personal level.


Justin Dorroh

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